International CapabilitiesIn addition to PeopleCheck’s extensive capabilities in undertaking background checking in Australia, PeopleCheck’s international experience allows us to offer background checks regardless of the location the candidate has lived, worked and studied. PeopleCheck is able to offer equivalent checks to those required by our clients in most international locations, where the information is publicly available and collection is legally permissible for background checking purposes. We can incorporate international background checks seamlessly into a background checking program!

PeopleCheck’s team of background checking professionals is trained in undertaking background checking in locations around the globe, specialising in the Asia Pacific region. Our variable working hours to accommodate time differences and strong network of international contacts ensures efficiency in the background checking process. PeopleCheck’s team remains abreast of issues such as the availability of information, privacy legislation and cultural differences in each country where these may impact on background checking.

PeopleCheck is practiced in implementing and maintaining regional background checking accounts for clients that require a consistent background checking program across multiple locations.

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