PRIVI is PeopleCheck’s online portal that enables our clients to manage their background checking, facilitating easy online ordering and the retrieval of results as they become available, 24/7/365! All PeopleCheck clients are provided with full access to PRIVI during account set-up at no additional cost.

Customise your PRIVI experience – make PRIVI as powerful as you need and as simple as you like!

  • Customise your account to include your logo and colour schemes to seamlessly blend into your work environment and create a professional overall experience
  • Choose to control your own account and users or have us manage it for you
  • Customise your notifications for results; receive the updates you want, when you want them
  • Access the platform from your PC, tablet or smartphone, including iOS and Android
  • Upload requests individually or utilise the batch upload feature for large screening projects
  • Valuable reporting functions enabling extraction of customised data to manage background checking, including number of checks completed, search results by product type, turnaround times and discrepancies

Obtain real-time updates for individual checks/elements of a background checking request as they are released

  • Receive automated notifications throughout the process (when you want them) for individual elements
  • Access results for each element as it is completed – no need to wait until all checks for a candidate are finalised
  • Add extra checks to your order at any time
  • Review the information submitted by the candidate at any time
  • Login and view requests and reports 24/7/365 – there is no need to email or call for updates unless you want to!

Customise your PRIVI experienceSimplicity for candidates is a key focus of PRIVI

  • Candidates are provided with a set of custom instructions upon entering the platform to explain what is required
  • Automated annotations allow candidates to complete several search specific forms simultaneously, without repeating information
  • Electronic signatures allow candidates to sign their documents using their mouse (or touchscreen) without the need to print forms
  • Mandatory fields are highlighted where inputs are validated to reduce repeated follow-up
  • Access to the platform to complete forms available from PC, tablet or smartphone, including iOS and Android
  • Candidates can return to forms multiple times to complete required information
  • Enables reviewing data before final submission

Advanced technologies allow integrations with other systems to streamline your background checking process

  • Integration available with your current applicant tracking systems (e.g. Taleo) allows order transfer
  • Integrations with PeopleCheck verification platforms allows requests to be dispatched automatically and returned more quickly, improving turnaround times

Everything is online, you are cost-effective, you verify identity documents, you check for alias names, you follow-up and handle candidate liaison and you offer customisation”- Anonymous, Large Insurance Company