Elaine Scotney – Senior Manager, Account Management


Elaine Scotney

Senior Manager, Account Management

PeopleCheck Start Date: 2008

Elaine commenced her background checking career with PeopleCheck in 2008 as a Research Analyst and has a strong context of the journey of PeopleCheck and its core values.

Elaine’s current role in Account Management involves ensuring the needs of our valued pool of clients are met in the outworking of our background checking service. Elaine and her team also oversee some Technology Operations as they relate to the provision of services to our clients and the management of our client and candidate management portal, PRIVI.

Elaine’s extensive industry and product knowledge, coupled with her strong information technology skills means that she is perfectly placed to guide her team in understanding our clients’ needs, and developing strategies for addressing relevant matters. Elaine’s passion is in ensuring PeopleCheck’s teams maintain strong partnerships and that the expectations of our clients and candidates are consistently exceeded. She enjoys working closely with clients and PeopleCheck’s internal teams to ensure clients’ specific requirements are appropriately communicated.

Elaine and her team collaborate with PeopleCheck’s Sales and Operations teams in the implementation stage of new client engagements to allocate an Account Manager to oversee the client relationship, ensuring the PRIVI account and client customisations are effectively recorded and internally communicated and to build a solid partnership with our client based on understanding and trust.

Elaine and her team provide ongoing account management support for our clients in various ways, including: overseeing the ongoing maintenance of and updates to client accounts; working with our Customer Service Team to respond to escalated queries from clients; ensuring client customisations are applied effectively by our various teams; undertaking regular business reviews and obtaining feedback from our clients; providing guidance on best practice and account enhancements; making recommendations on product and process matters and generating required management reports.

From the Technology Operations perspective, Elaine and her team provide technical assistance for clients and candidates as required; provide ongoing PRIVI system training for our clients; set up new client accounts on PRIVI; fulfil the technical side for new product development and oversee the IT infrastructure for the Australian operations.

Previously, Elaine held the role of Manager in PeopleCheck’s Operations Team, the team where background checks are undertaken, reported, reviewed for quality assurance, and released to our clients. Elaine draws upon her experience in the Operations Team when making updates and enhancements to PRIVI and our clients’ accounts to ensure that all processes and procedures operate efficiently, internally and externally.

Prior to her employment with PeopleCheck, Elaine was a Project Manager for an internet marketing company.  In this role, Elaine developed extensive knowledge and background in creating and using online systems and this has been invaluable at PeopleCheck, specifically in the development and improvements of internal online systems, and the support provided to clients and candidates to troubleshoot any issues as they may arise. Further, this role enhanced Elaine’s skills in the world of online research, imperative in any background checking environment.

Throughout her career, much of Elaine’s experience has involved delivering high quality and consistent customer service, in line with client expectations. This focus has been invaluable in the ongoing development of background checking services offered to PeopleCheck’s clients.

“The constant communication at each step in the process is highly regarded” – CTPartners